Fresno and Central Valley's FREE Monthly LGBT Newspaper
A program of Community Link, Inc.

a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization
Contact: Jeffery Robinson

(559) 266-LINK (5465)

NEWS LINK is a community newspaper, first published in 1995. It contains LGBT-relevant news (local and beyond) on politics, marriage, religion, youth, health; plus local columns: Waterhouse Report, Horoscopes, Reelly Queer Movies, Queereadings, Heatstroke, Ask Uncle Barbie, TransBear's MaleBox, North Valley & South Valley Link and many others. Not all of them appear every month, but most do!

NEWS LINK is printed every 3rd Friday of the month and distributed that weekend (outside of Fresno - the following week).

NEWS LINK is free and is funded entirely by advertisements and donations. If you'd like to advertise, please see Ad Deadline & Pricing.

NEWS LINK is currently available throughout the San Joaquin Valley at numerous locations (LIST IS BEING REVISED): 8 in Stockton, 7 in Modesto, 1 in Livingston, 2 in Merced, 30 in Fresno, 1 in Hanford, 1 in Tulare, 3 in Visalia, and 5 in Bakersfield.

NEWS LINK is printed in 1,500 - 1,750 copies (depending on special events) and available at nearly 60 locations, via mail subscription or online.


Support this non-profit project - it only costs $27* for 12 issues mailed straight (ha!) to the address of your choice! (for 1 year)
* the cost includes the latest postal service cost increase

NEWS LINK has NO paid staff or reporters and largely relies on community members for its content. You too can contribute:
- Write to us about queer life in YOUR part of the Valley
- Keep us informed about LGBT events you’ve attended
- Send us photos from the events
- Write a monthly column on a subject that interests you
- Send us your LGTB group’s calendar of events
- Send us press releases and news about your group
- Refer interested advertisers from the LGBT community & beyond
Other ideas? Contact us!




Community Link will consider media sponsorships of nonprofit events that are open and free to the community or - at reduced rate - for advertising for fundraising events that include a donation / admission charge, when a written request has been

submitted to no less than six weeks prior to the event.

Community Link must be listed on all promotional materials including digital and electronic media sources as a MEDIA SPONSOR. Other terms and conditions to be negotiated on an individual basis.