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Fresno Rainbow Bowling
Bowling League


Int'l Gay Bowling Association



A program of Community Link, Inc. - a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization


Contact person: Rich Howard - (559) 824-1417

Vice President: Ray Quenga - (714) 595-6020

Rainbow Bowling League started in October 2007 as a way of keeping recreational activities going in the fall and winter, when it got too cold for Queer Volleyball games outside.

Additionally, since 2010 we decided to hold RBL's year round.

The league is always looking for players! We play weekly on Thursdays at 7:30 PM at Bowlero, 6450 N Blackstone Ave in Fresno. Games cost $20/person a week.

Rainbow Bowling League is looking for teams of 4 bowlers, individual bowlers and substitute bowlers for another season of fun! We’ll be bowling on Thursdays at Bowlero, 6450 N Blackstone Ave.

The dues are $20/week and cover the cost of games and shoe rentals. We’ll be playing through year round so commitment is needed! Call Rich Howard (559) 824-1417 for more information.

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A program of Community Link, Inc. - a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization

Contact person: Rich Howard (559) 824-1417

Bowl-A-Thon is an annual fundraiser, which started in 2000. We reserve several lanes in May for the summer months, September for there winter just for teams from our LGBT community to bowl and have a big party with themes such as "Beach Party", "Wig Out!" and "Halloween". There's a big raffle, costumes, trophies and surprises! Since it's a fundraiser for Community Link, teams are asked to donate a minimum amount of money to participate.

While teams are almost always local to Fresno, we were thrilled to have Visalia Rainbowlers send a large team in 2008, and the Visalia Lions Pride Club even more bowlers in 2010!

Fresno Rainbow Bowling League: Rules and Regulations:

This is intended to cover the most basic rules and regulations for the Fresno Rainbow Bowling League. 

  1. Starting Time: Starting time is 7:20 PM for practices, and league bowling will start at 7:30 PM THURSDAY night at Bowlero Lanes on Blackstone and Sierra. A courtesy late time allowed to start practice will not exceed past 7:30 PM. If a team member is not present at 7:30 PM the practice will resume. Please be courteous by informing the team if you will be late. 

  2. League Schedule: The entire league goes for 16 weeks total per season. 

  3. Teams: Each team is composed of 4 individuals. These individuals consist of adults only, 21+. No regard for gender/preference mix, as this is an adult-only league.

  4. Legal Line-Up: A legal lineup consists of one member of the original team. A legal lineup is 1 bowler in place by the beginning of the league play - not by the third frame. 

  5. Forfeiture: If a team does not have a legal lineup for the first game, the first game is automatically forfeited. If at the beginning of the second game a legal lineup is established, the team may begin the second game. If o legal second game, all 4 points will be forfeited automatically. 

  6. Joining League Play: a member of the team may join league play in any game up until the completion of the third frame. 

  7. Pre-Bowling: There is no pre-bowling or make up bowling. The only exception is if Bowlero Lanes have malfunctions with the bowling alley and can't accommodate lanes. 

  8. Forfeits and Binds: If a team is competing against a forfeit team, the team must owl no more than 40 pins below the team average in order to win the game. 

  9. Gutter Ball: If your bowling ball falls in the gutter alley and knocks over a pin, it still counts as we are not a sanction league. 

  10. Points: Fresno Rainbow Bowling runs on a point system. There is one point given to the winner of each game and an additional point given to the team that wins overall points. 

  11. Handicap: Will be established the first time you bowl and used throughout the season. 

  12. Drops: A bowler can be dropped if they miss 3 weeks in a row with no notification to their team captain. A two-week notice is required if you wish to withdraw from the league. We still have to pay Bowlero Lanes when you miss, unless we notify them that you have withdrawn. 

  13. Establishing Averages/VACANT: This will be established the first night of bowling and updated by Bowlero Lanes. If a member is absent on the first day, individuals will go in with a 140 average. If a vacant exist on your team the average will be 140. 

  14. Subs: This league will allow "floating subs." A substitute can bowl on any team within the league. No new sub can be added to a team within the last two weeks of bowling season. Subs are responsible for the bowling fee on the nights they sub on a team in the amount of $20.00, unless agreed with the member they are subbing for will cover the fee due. A sub is also required to be registered with Bowlero Lanes in order to be a sub in a team.

  15. Payment: Fresno Rainbow Bowling League cost $20.00 per week, per person, even if you don't show up. If a sub bowls in your place then you do not need to pay, as the sub will be responsible for the fee when subbing in your place. The breakdown is $15.40 Lineage fee to Bowlero and $4.60 to Rainbow League and any money owed to Bowlero Lanes for people who quit without paying, Bowlero fees increased by Bowlero starting this season by $1.40. 

  16. Late Payments: Any player who is more than TWO WEEKS BEHIND on the league fees will be suspended from play until payment is received. The team is responsible for finding a replacement until that individual pays in full. Please inform either Rich Howard or Ray Quenga if you will not be able to pay past the 2 weeks for arrangements. Dues not paid will be the responsibility of the team ad team captain if not paid by member. Captains are responsible of your teams monies.

  17. Pay Envelopes: It is the responsibility of each team captain to have pay envelopes properly filled out, money collected, and the envelopes deliver to the Treasurer/President/Vice-President by the end of the first game. 

  18. Captains: Each team will elect a captain. The capital will be responsible for collecting the bowling fees, signing the score cards and turning them into the President, Vice-President or John Terry. Members please notify your team captain in advance if you will not be attending bowling and will need a sub. 

  19. Holiday/Time Off: We will be off if a holiday falls on a bowling night; otherwise we will be bowling as scheduled. 

  20. Prize Fund: Any funds left over at the end of the season will be distributed as prize funds and end of the season party. 

  21. Foul Light/Buzzer: UPDATE: As per Andrew of Bowlero Lanes, the Foul Light/Buzzer will still go off for safety purposes and will populate an "F" for foul on screen. It will count as a FOUL!

If you have any questions or concerns, please speak with your team captain or the following officers: 

President: Rich Howard (559) 824-1417
Vice President/Treasurer: Ray Quenga (714) 595-6020

Bowlero Lanes: 6450 N Blackstone Ave, Fresno 93710 (559) 431-3711

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