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The Parade and Festival don’t just happen.  Months of preparation precede the event and some decisions have to be made on more than one level.  Community Link, Inc. is the parent organization from which the funding comes.  Fresno Rainbow Pride is just one of many projects of Community Link, and some Community Link members are also on the committee for Fresno Rainbow Pride.  Finally, some of them are part of the Day Of Event working crew.

The committee has open meetings on Wednesdays:  once per month until March then every week, until the end of May.  The meetings start at 6:30pm and are conducted at COMMON SPACE, 1252 Fulton Street, Fresno, CA 93721.  Open to all, all are welcome!

Here are the names of the people without whom this couldn’t happen!



Jeffery Robinson - CEO, Co-Chair

Lorraine Wing - Co-Chair

David McGee - Secretary

Juan Bustamante - Treasurer


Members at large:

Renee Potik

Kay Taus

Rich Howard

Rachel Wilson

Jay Sanchez


Fresno Rainbow Pride Planning Committee’s first meeting of the year! We’re excited about continuing our efforts in fundraising and cultivating ideas for making the parade and festival even bigger and better than last year. Thank you to @commonspacefresno for providing us an amazing meeting place. Check out their new digs located on Fulton Street.

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