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Monthly radio show featuring News, Music and Entertainment from LGBT community, local and beyond!

A program of Community Link, Inc. - a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization

Contact: Jeffery Robinson - (559) 266-LINK (5465)

Music Programmer: Tiff Leggroan




The show usually features live (in-studio or on-air) or pre-recorded interviews with interesting individuals and groups from the LGBT community, usually local to Fresno area or visiting here. We also try to play 5-6 new songs each month, by breaking-out and established LGBT artists alike, and we often pick "Album of the Month" and featuring more than one song from it.

If you'd like to be interviewed on the show, please contact Jeff Robinson at the number above.

"It's A Queer Thang" started in 1991 on KFCF 88.1FM in Fresno and has been on air since then, appearing once a month, on third Friday between 5-6pm. Host Jeff Robinson has been with the show since its very beginning, having started as a sidekick / substitute for the original hosts, Liz Maines and Tom Brandenberry. 


We can be heard roughly between Merced and Visalia. The radio station also broadcasts on the Internet. Click here for KFCF's website.



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