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The Parade starts at 10am on the corner of Palm & Olive. The "Grandstand" is at Irene's Cafe.  The Parade ends at Olive & Maroa.

Olive Ave will be closed to traffic between 9am and 11am.



The Festival begins at 11am and ends at 3pm, along the streets of Fulton and Alhambra The entrance/exit is on Olive at Fulton.









Setup area: dirt lot on the northeast corner of Olive & Palm Avenues.

Once there, check in with our staff in our official  Pride t-shirts, they are coordinating that area. They will give you a pre-assigned number for the Parade to be placed on the driver’s side of your vehicle’s grill. If you are marching the number needs to be visible to the left front of your entry..


Olive Ave will be closed at 9am, Parade starts 10am. You can set up the float as early as 7am.

Parade ends at Maroa Ave, and you must turn left at Maroa Ave to exit.  NO ONE MAY EXIT THE VEHICLE/FLOAT until it is at Fern & Maroa. Please contact the other Parade participants in your contingent and share this information.

Fresno Police Department requires that all decorated vehicles and floats must leave the parade area immediately following their turn in the parade and not be parked in the neighborhood, and that no one exits the vehicle / float until it is at the corner of Fern & Maroa. New rules this year the City has put into place are that no candy may be tossed, thrown or distributed by ANY Parade entry. AND no confetti or paper maybe shot or thrown out as part of your parade entry. Littering citation will be given out.

There are awards for Parade entries in the following categories: 1) Largest Contingent, 2) Best Float/Decorated Vehicle, and 3) Most Festive entry. The awards will be announced at the big Entertainment Pavilion at 12 noon. To receive the award someone from your entry must be present.


Festival Booths

All vendors must check in at the festival site with the Booth Coordinators who will be wearing a Pride t-shirts. The Booth Coordinators are the individuals you will check in with and can answer any of your questions. Your booth space number will be given to you at check in. You will be given directions of where to get your table(s) and chair(s).​

Setup starts at 7am. The entrance is at Fulton Street and Olive Avenue; vehicles must be off Alhambra and Fulton Streets by 9am. It is best if you unload your stuff inside the festival area by your assigned booth space, and then remove your vehicle immediately to find close parking. Please don’t be rude and impact the other vendors who will also need to be dropping out their items and settling up.

All vendors (informational, merchandise and food booths) are permitted 2 (two) staff persons to enter free of charge. You will be given two Vendor Wristbands at the time of check in. These Wristbands are non-transferable and are only good for one individual. Without the Wristband, all persons will be charged $5 to enter. The wrist bands must be worn on the wrist in plain view at all times. Please plan accordingly for any additional staff that will be working your booth. The COVER CHARGE (or additional vendor wrist bands) ARE $5 PER PERSON.

If you have a large group please remind all your helpers/people only two people my enter to work your booth with the wristbands others will not be allowed in without paying the entry fee of $5 person. It puts us in a bad position to have to argue with your volunteers because this has not been explained to them in advance. Remember you may purchase passes in advance by May 18th.

IMPORTANT: Olive Ave will be closed at 9am, and that's the only way to get into the Festival area. Be on site BEFORE 9am!

After the festival is over at 3pm, you need to clean up your area, return the tables /chairs to the designated area, take all trash and litter to the trash dumpsters, and then report in at the INFORMATION BOOTH to have your site inspected. After the inspection they will return your cleaning deposit. THE DEPOSITS WILL ONLY BE GIVEN OUT STARTING AT  3PM.   No Deposits will be returned after 06/01/19. If you leave without being checked out with our Booth Coordinators, you will NOT receive your cleaning deposit back. It is not possible to receive the deposit before 3pm. NO cleaning deposits will be refunded after June 1, 2019. Please don't break down the booths early.

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